Mise, le Meas: The Irish Civil War 15th Feb-1st Mar 2023

An innovative visual media project linked to History, Memory and Legacy, Civil War in Kerry and Beyond: A Centenary Conference.

The project was a collaboration between the Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Design students at MTU Kerry Campus and the Learners of the Digital Design and Visual Communication, and the Animation (Creative Media) programme in Kerry College.

Each student was matched with a figure of significance in local history, and from there, they explored that figure through the military archives and discussions with historians from the conference and identified something they wished to say about this person and their story.

Exhibition -The Irish Civil War

The students’ creative responses was showcased as part of a two-day commemorative conference marking the centenary of the Irish Civil War. The work focused on creating a set of inspiring visual responses to Civil War narratives, focusing on original documentation and poignant letters sent and received during this tumultuous and formative period in Irish history.

Along with the art pieces, the exhibition also featured computer-generated visual effects to superimpose Civil War events onto contemporary footage of Tralee town. Video has an inherent realism, and the project used this to make the historic events ‘real’ by presenting Civil War actors in full motion, and in contemporaneous locations.

Guided School Visits

Siamsa Tíre and MTU students also offered guided visits of the exhibition. Visits were suitable for students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Guided visits could be tailored to the curriculum or support young people and teachers’ own exploration. These visits also encouraged speaking confidently about art and the development of the students’ viewpoints.

This was a great opportunity for those with an interest in art, design and graphics to see the Irish Civil War depicted in a contemporary and sensitive way by up-and-coming art, animation and design students. The project was funded by Student Transitions Fund at MTU Kerry Campus.

Exhibition Dates:

15th Feb-1st Mar 2023. Admission was free.

Exhibition -The Irish Civil War